Legal Department

The Legal Services department’s purpose is to ensure that the Commission for Gender Equality achieves one of its four strategic objectives, which reads: “An enabling legislative environment for gender equality”. The department is led by the HOD, who is supported by a deputy and a team of legal officers who are based in the Commission’s provincial offices. As part of its work, the Department summons organisations and/individuals to legal hearings to account on matters relating to gender transformation. The department also publishes legal reports that provide insight into its various systemic investigations, with findings and recommendations.  The Legal Services Department has been set up to do the following:


The Commission’s Legal Department had been set up to do the following:

The department can be contacted on this email address: or alternatively, you can call your nearest CGE provincial office and make an appointment with the legal officer based there, if you need to discuss a gender related complaint. Contacts of CGE offices are on this website.

Joint Interventions