• 19 SEPTEMBER 2019
How social media
can entrench old

Like the rest of the world, South Africans are evolving steadily in...

Tamara Mathebula
  • 13 SEPTEMBER 2019
Gender-based violence should be recognised as an economic issue too

The first week in September the World Economic Forum took place in...

Jennifer Smout
  • 01 AUGUST 2018
21 years after the Domestic Violence Act, we should be doing better

Maya Angelou, civil rights activist and woman writer is quoted as saying...

Jennifer Smout
  • 02 AUGUST 2019
Voices Will a 50/50 leadership translate to a just, humane, safer SA for women?

Will having a higher percentage of women in political leadership...

Nthabiseng Moleko
  • 26 MARCH 2019
SAPS data on gender-based violence falls short of illustrating the real problem

In a country where the extent of gender-based violence and femicide...

Tamara Mathebula
  • 14 MARCH 2019
Empower women
and the entire nation
will grow

South Africa is facing a national crisis of rape, violence and femicide...

Nthabiseng Moleko
  • 08 MARCH 2019
Politicians, know this: Empower women and the entire nation will grow

Walking in the streets, being in the workplace, even sitting at home or being...

Nthabiseng Moleko
  • 07 MARCH 2019
As a woman,
what does the budget
mean for me?

Globally surpassing our counterparts, we have the highest level of...

Nthabiseng Moleko
  • 22 JULY 2019
Women must be
the focus of
land redistribution

A woman’s ability to own, inherit and control land and property is vital...

Nthabiseng Moleko
  • 10 JULY 2019
Lessons for men
in Ma Sisulu's

The late Albertina Sisulu was a stalwart who played a significant role in ...

Botha, Rakolote, Teleki
  • 21 AUGUST 2018
Gender blindness as a source of inadvertent secondary victimisation

A few weeks ago women of this country unleashed their stealth in raising...

Lulama Nare
  • 07 MARCH 2019
Gender inequalities hinder
full attainment of human rights
for all

Despite having a Constitution which describes equality as a fundamental...

Sediko Rakolote
  • 06 NOVEMBER 2017
Sex offence
figures questioned

On October 24, the SAPS, under the leadership of Police Minister Fikile Mbalula...

  • 17 SEPTEMBER 2017
Being gay is the elephant
in the room

We can’t just sweep the widespread homophobia in SA under the carpet...

Mbuyiselo Botha
  • 06 AUGUST 2017
Men-on-men violence
is the norm

As South Africans, we have murdered more than 500 000 of our own since...

Mbuyiselo Botha
  • 06 AUGUST 2017
It starts with
just one man

At 26, in the prime of my life, I was shot and paralysed by a bullet fired...

Mbuyiselo Botha