Mr Mbuyiselo Botha


Commissioner Botha is a full time Commissioner at the CGE and he sits on the Finance and Fundraising as well as the IT and Communications Committees. He is currently studying towards an Honours Degree in Gender Equality through the University of South Africa.

Commissioner Botha has worked for Sonke Gender Justice Network, Sharpeville Civic Association and the Red Cross amongst others.

He has also served as Deputy Chairperson of the Ministerial Committee on Foster Care (Department of Social Development), a member of the National Gender Machinery, South African Men’s Forum, Treatment Action Campaign and a Board member at Genderlinks.

Driven by his passion for gender equality and his quest to meaningfully contribute towards building a South Africa that has men who shoulder the responsibility of creating a safe and equal society for all, he persistently participates at various platforms that are geared to address societal ills like gender-based violence, toxic masculinity and other related subjects. He initiated movements geared to meet gender-related challenges, one of such being the South African Men’s Forum. As a Communicator, Commissioner Botha’s commentary appears in several well-thought columns in visual, print and audio mediums like his weekly column in the Sowetan, weekly co-host on Metsweding FM, Cape Talk and SAFM. Further to that, he has co-authored a few academic papers and often presents these at conferences on gender-related matters.

Commissioner Botha’s efforts in the gender sector once gained notoriety through a speech made by former President Thabo Mbeki at a Women’s Day event in 2008, where he (former President) expressed the following … “I would like to make special mention of Mbuyiselo Botha’s South African Men’s Forum. This one man is an example of a new movement among men that has emerged since 1994, influenced and inspired by our liberation and our new Constitution, to redefine and re-interpret the true meaning of equality among all the sexes…. The emergence of gender activists like Mbuyiselo Botha represents a new consciousness of a radical male seeking to create and entrench the ethos of equality and non-sexism in a society where some continue to treat the challenge of gender equality as a side issue. The struggle for gender equality is a struggle for human freedom. The liberation of our country will remain incomplete until the total and unconditional liberation of women is achieved”.



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